The Mysterious World of Sherlock Holmes : The Illustrated Guide to the Famous Cases, Infamous Adversaries, and Ingenious Methods of the Great Detective

The Mysterious World of Sherlock Holmes The Illustrated Guide, April 21, 2008The Mysterious World of Sherlock Holmes . Over a century since his first appearance in print, Sherlock Holmes remains an iconic figure today. This unique companion is a collector’s dream, allowing fans to delve into the criminal environment of foggy, gas-lit Victorian London–the world of the all-time greatest detective. The book brings to life the elements of Holmes’s success, the crime scene of his day, his history in film and television, and the present-day Holmes legacy. Featured throughout are famous figures such as Holmes’s faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson; his nemesis, Professor Moriarity; and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Filled with more than 150 images–many of the works by the great original illustrators of Conan Doyle’s stories–this volume presents an excellent mix of information to satisfy legions of Holmes collectors, mystery fans, and historians fascinated by a bygone era.

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