The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Love, Courtship, and Sexuality through History [Six Volumes] - The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Love, Courtship, and Sexuality through History [Six Volumes]Sex and love are central to daily life and to all nations. But despite the universality of these sentiments, their expression is largely shaped by the cultures in which they occur. Thus the ancient Greek understanding of love and sexuality is very different from the modern American one, for example, and even within particular cultures there is a great deal of variation. This massive set gives students and general readers a sweeping survey of love and sexuality across periods, places, and cultures. Entries cover a wide range of subjects, including customs and practices, authors and works, concepts and institutions, and various other topics. Thus the Encyclopedia defines love and sexuality in terms of cultural contexts. The set includes volumes on particular eras. These are: Volume 1: The Ancient World Volume 2: The Medieval Era Volume 3: The Early Modern Period Volume 4: The Colonial and Revolutionary Era Volume 5: The Nineteenth Century Volume 6: The Modern World. Each volume is edited by one or more authorities on the era and includes numerous alphabetically arranged entries by expert contributors. Among the entries are:

Abortion, Adultery, Age of Consent, Bestiality, Birth Control, Bisexuality, Buddhism, Canon Law, Celibacy, Censorship, Circumcision, Cohabitation, Cosmetics and Perfumes, Daoism, Denis Diderot, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Fanny Hill, Benjamin Franklin, Geisha, Gothic Fiction, Hindu Literature, Homosexuality, Islam, Joan of Arc, Lesbianism, Lust, Magic, Marie de France, Marriage, Cotton Mather, Menstruation, Mesoamerica, Native Americans, Ottoman Women, Painting, Francesco Petrarch, Prostitution, Pueblo, Indians, Puritans, Rape Law, Scholastic Philosophy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Spermatorrhoea, Virginity, White Slavery, William Shakespeare, Bram Stoker, Tantric, Buddhism, Tom Jones, Venereal Diseases, Wedding Rituals, Wu Zetian

And many more. Because the volumes are multicultural in scope, they invite an easy comparison of sex and love across different groups of people. The volumes are fully illustrated and cite works for further reading. Students will welcome this set as a guide to daily life around the world, while general readers will be fascinated by its wealth of information. FEATURES AND BENEFITS:
Conveniently organized into volumes on particular periods.
Includes numerous alphabetically arranged entries by expert contributors.
Entries discuss authors, concepts, practices, major works, institutions, customs, and other topics.
Fully illustrated.
Cites works for further reading.
Helps students appreciate cultural diversity.
Helps students learn about daily life through a topic of popular interest.
Supports the social studies curriculum by exploring the history and experiences of different peoples. See details