Breaking Free: A Review of Jinger Vuolo’s Memoir ‘Becoming Free Indeed’

Book 24 – Jinger Vuolo’s Memoir ‘Becoming Free Indeed’ is a heartfelt memoir about one woman’s journey to find her own faith and free herself from the fear.

 A Review of Jinger Vuolo's Memoir 'Becoming Free Indeed'

In “Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear,” Jinger Vuolo, one of the stars of the popular reality show “Counting On,” shares her personal journey of breaking free from the strict rules and beliefs of her conservative Christian upbringing. With her sincere and vulnerable writing style, Jinger takes readers on a deeply personal and inspiring journey towards finding her own faith and identity.

Book Title: “Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear”
Author: Jinger Vuolo
Genre: Non-fiction Memoir

A Review of Jinger Vuolo’s Memoir ‘Becoming Free Indeed’

Writing Style

Jinger Vuolo’s writing style in “Becoming Free Indeed” is authentic, honest, and relatable. She writes with clarity and openness, taking the reader on a journey through her experiences and emotions with vulnerability and transparency.

Book Contents

“Becoming Free Indeed” is Jinger Vuolo’s memoir of her journey to disentangle her faith from fear. Born and raised in a conservative Christian family, Jinger’s life was deeply influenced by her family’s beliefs and practices. However, as she grew older, she began to question her faith and beliefs, which led to a journey of self-discovery and transformation. In her book, Jinger shares her struggles, doubts, and eventual journey to finding freedom from fear and a deeper, more authentic faith.

The book is divided into four sections, each focusing on a different aspect of Jinger’s journey. The first section explores her childhood and upbringing, the second section delves into her questioning and doubts about her faith, the third section covers her transformation and growth, and the final section discusses the lessons she learned and how she continues to navigate her faith journey.


Overall, “Becoming Free Indeed” is a powerful and inspiring memoir that offers insight into the journey of disentangling faith from fear. Jinger’s honesty and vulnerability are refreshing and relatable, and her message is one of hope and encouragement for those who may be questioning their own faith or struggling to find authenticity in their spiritual journey. The book is well-written and engaging, making it an enjoyable read for anyone interested in memoirs, spirituality, or personal growth.[Book 24]

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